1. fashiondestruction92:

    Carolina Sjöstrand Photographed by Boris Ovini for A Magazine
    Date: October 22, 2013

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  2. rovrsi:

    details at Prada S/S 2014-15

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  3. I’ve started interning for FashTechLDN and will start work in London with them over summer. I’m so excited as I’ve been following the company for a while! I have been coming up with some concepts to improve brand engagement.


  4. I have been developing my trend booklet. I am trying to create more of a journey through the trends and developing them into wider categories. 


  5. Designing logos for a startup company I’ve been working for. I’m working on the brand identity. 


  6. we decided to use a purely illustrated ad after we had feedback from our consumers. Chloe in our group did a lovely fashion illustration! 


  7. clemetsonphoto:

    Hotdog Mustard Pump

    Personal shoot/Funky collaboration with Space Jam enthusiast and über illustrator Will Bryant (www.willbryant.com). 

    I’ll be posting new images from this series over the next week!

    Check out the whole series on Behance —->

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  9. karlapowellmua:

    My Favourite Lip Art Products…

    Lip Art is taking over my make-up world this year with my Lip Art workshop tours & my new Karla Cosmetics Lip Art brushes launching soon! My followers get to see me create many new creative lip art looks using my favourite lip art products I just cannot live without!

    Today’s blog features some of my favourite lip art products I can’t live without in my Lip Make-up Kit:

    Coming soon… Karla Cosmetics Lip Art Workshops in Dublin, Glasgow and New York!



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  10. annabella20:

    Fashion in Past and Now by Lilah Ramzi

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  12. Developing the print ad. Playing around with illustration overlays


  13. working on our perfume ad. This is the ending! Getting so excited about putting it all together


  14. This is the display for the new m&s A/w collection. I was surprised to see that M&S would be doing something like this but I actually really like it. It reminds me of the VM in the Gugenheim Prada store in New York. 


  15. nevver:

    Broken flowers, Ciara Phelan

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